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You must be reliable, be flexible and be dedicated to pawfect match and it's mission. We allow teens to volunteer, but they have to be older than 15, if kids want to volunteer below that age, they need an adult present.
Besides the "hands on" volunteer work like fostering and event participation, we also have "virtual opportunites" that can be done from just about anywhere in the country or world!!



Our biggest need is FOSTER HOMES.If you would like to help in this capacity please fill out our (Foster Application form).
In order to make this rescue successful, we need many foster homes and parents to provide a safe, loving home for our dogs until a permant, adoptive home has been found. Pawfect Match can provide food, supplies and other support for the foster dog.
Each new foster home enables us to save the life of another dog in need. The satisfaction you will gain, knowing you have saved a life is indiscribable. PMR will be responsible for all the vet costs and none of our foster parents will ever have to worry about paying for any of that, since we have an agreement with the vet.
The foster parents need to be aware of the commitment a fostering means, most of the dogs we rescue will have been strays, they were abandoned, maybe never had a home, some of them may have been abused. We don't like for dogs to go from foster home to foster home, because foster parents have not truly thought about the level of commitment they are willing to accept. So, if you want to be a foster home for PMR, PLEASE discuss this with all the members of your family and please be sure that you are in it "for the long haul"! Having said that, most dogs get adopted out within a few short weeks to months, but sometimes the right home takes a little longer and we need to know that the dogs are welcome to stay with our foster homes for as long as it takes.
If you can't be a foster home there are numerous other ways to help, after you read below, please, if you can help, fill out our VOLUNTEER FORM.



  • Pick up and deliver dogs to foster families
  • Pick up and deliver dogs to vet appointements
  • Pull dogs from shelters and transport to foster home
  • Be a vacation foster home for foster parents that will be out of town or on vacation

Events Planners

  • Be in charge of a specific event
  • Distribute responsiblities to your event crew
  • Supervise event crew
  • Manage the event
  • Work on the advertising for the Event

Events Supporters

  • Work under the Events Supervisor, help out with advertising, serving food, planning, booth staffing etc.

Creative Writers - Virtual Opportunity

  • Write press releases
  • Write advertisments for local media
  • Advertising

Arts and Crafts Volunteers

  • Dog Blankets
  • Fleece Knots
  • Collars
  • Bring your ideas


  • Place donation boxes and collect funds from the boxes
  • Solict funds from the public and private sectors
  • Media liason with local radio and television stations - pet of the week

Attorney - Virtual Opportunity

  • Law student, law graduate, or attorney to review our contracts and forms and make sure they are legally binding.

Public Speaker

  • Speak on behalf of PMR at public events, rescue functions etc.

    E-Mail us at pawfectmatch@gmail.com with anything else you may be good at, think of, we are always open for suggestions!