Foster Home Application

you are about to fill out a foster application for Pawfect Match Rescue Group. Before you begin, we would like to share with you what you can expect if you were to be approved as a foster home.

A foster home is a temporary "HOME" for these dogs, you need to treat the dog just like you would your own. We can never guess or estimate how long it will take for your foster to be adopted, if you can't make a long term commitment, please don't fill out this form.
We rescue a lot of puppies, puppies are just like babies, they cry, they whine and they don't want to go to bed when you are ready for bed. They will pee in the house and ruin your favorite pair of shoes if you don't watch them. The need to be loved and they need to be trained, it is frustrating at times, but the rewards are incredible.
We need our fosters to expose our foster dogs to the public, they need to be seen in order to find a new home. They need to be exposed to the world around them. Please if you are approved as a foster, we need you to take the dog to as many adoptathons and meet and greets as humanly possible.
Again, please think about what it means to be a foster home, we are always full and there are always more dogs in need than we can rescue, if you can't follow through with this commitment, somebody else will have to take your foster dog and therefore another dog in need will not be able to be rescued.

We need committed foster homes and if that is you, please proceed with the application.

Thank you