Pawfect Match Rescue

Pawfect MatchTM Philosophy


small but mighty

At Pawfect MatchTM Rescue we believe that ALL dogs deserve a second chance regardless of their breed or age.

We take a different approach to rescue. We don’t try to save the masses; we just save ONE at a time and make them the best dog they can be by the time they find their forever homes.

By that we mean that we take them into our homes where they live amongst us and our pets and are treated as one of the family, not as a foster dog.

Besides the basics of crate training and house training, we teach them basic obedience, we groom them, feed them a high quality dog food, and last but not least, we shower them with LOVE and attention that hopefully teaches them to trust again and realize that life really IS good..

We’ll never be able to save them all, no matter how many we try to pull and foster. So we believe that the one at a time approach with the extra TLC allows us to really KNOW the dogs and be able to match them more precisely with their new families.

This ends up being a win - win situation for all involved.

Pawfect MatchTM Rescue was incorporated as a 501c3 nonprofit organization on February 28, 2006.



Pawfect Match Rescue and Rehabilitation, headquartered in the triangle area of North Carolina, is NOT affiliated with Pawfect Match aka in Arizona.

We are aware that there have been many complaints regarding the practices of this organization.  We contacted the registered agent and founder of over two years ago after receiving negative correspondence from several individuals who believed we were affiliated. 

We demanded that founder Renee Wierz cease using our name.  No response was ever received. 

Please review all practices and statuses of adoption agencies carefully before becoming involved.  We have become aware of business practices conducted by Pawfect Match of Arizona which we do not employ and do not approve.  

We are not breeders nor are we dog placement brokers.  Our dogs are rescued from high kill shelters and rural areas throughout the south. 

Should you have any questions for us, we are happy to answer them.  In the meantime, when working with an agency that claims to be a non-profit, please carefully review their 501c(3) documentation and particularly before donating any money to the agency.  Please make sure the agency is actually a non-profit.  A charity search will reveal that Pawfect Match Rescue of Holly Springs, NC is an active non-profit in good standing and the paperwork is public record.